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Colourful Pile of Old Books

Colourful Pile of Old Books







Meditation by the Sea

Meditation by the Sea

A few of my favorite things!

Hey there, I'm Tracy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my site! I have a serious love for traveling, & for seeing the world a little brighter. And I want to share it with you - wanderlust, adventure travel goals, confidence building.

From detailed trip guides to make sure you don't miss a thing, to hiking tips & gear essentials. From help with shifting your perspective, to opening up that inner confidence, to finding happiness in yourself...I've got you covered!

Grab your camera. Grab your yoga mat. Grab your hiking boots. And pull up a chair. Adventure is yours!

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Looking for:

  • Detailed info on making the most out of your destination

  • Tips on hiking for beginners & gear essentials

  • Getting out in nature at our National Parks

While also:

  • Feeling confident when travelling

  • Having a daily self care routine you love & practicing gratitude

  • Living life through a perspective of happiness


You're in the right place!

How did this all start?

My love for travel started as a kid - packing up almost every weekend to hit the road to the next track (my dad was a professional race car driver). Then, when my husband & I started dating (almost 10 years ago!) we'd plan a few trips every summer to explore new spots while seeing Dave Matthews concerts (our wedding song was Loving Wings!). 

Now, every spring as the snow starts to melt up in Buffalo, & Sabres season draws to an end, I get that itch to pack up the car or get on a plane, and go explore!

I'm also a physical therapist, & before I found writing, I dealt with a lot of personal anxiety & self esteem issues - & I'm still growing! But I've learned a lot along the way.

Now that we've put some serious miles under our belts, we want to bring our adventures & lessons-learned to you, & help you plan your next exploration! Make sure to get on the email list, so you don't miss any new travel tips, hiking hacks, or confidence boosters!

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